Yin Yang

Travel around on the ancient Chinese map to save life and fight against other skilled opponents. Expand your territory and achieve hegemony in the world by belief.

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Über die Entstehung der Arten

Climb aboard the HMS Beagle and retrace Darwin’s path through the Galapagos Islands. Struggle to win while learning the mechanics behind the struggle for life.

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Lions of Lydia

As an influential leader, you send merchants out to barter for resources and increase your landholdings, bringing their Lydian Lion coins into play – which have unparalleled buying power.

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Airship City

Build airships to further the development of airship city. Will your contributions earn you fame as an airship engineer?

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Space Explorers

You recruit the best specialists, place satellites and manned spaceships into orbit, and launch interplanetary stations.

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Lions of Lydia im Test bei Spiel doch mal!

Lions of Lydia Unboxing bei DieHausis

Airship City im Test bei BrettspielSuchties

Lions of Lydia im Test bei BrettspielSuchties

Fairplay-Frühlese mit Lions of Lydia

Das Spielermagazin FAIRPLAY stellt Lions of Lydia im Rahmen seiner Frühlese 2021 vor. Wir freuen uns!

Lions of Lydia

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