Fantasy Ranch (German)

A game by Keshia and Ana Swanlund


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You’re living the dream as a ranch owner, starting out with a small stable of horses and a fabulous home to train them in. The true test of a rancher’s skill is how their horses perform at the show grounds. So, keep an eye on what the judges are looking for and earn more trophies than anybody else!

Fantasy Ranch puts you in charge of a magnificent Guest Ranch. You’ll buy Horses, provide them with a great place to live, and send them to Shows to win prizes. The player who can collect the most Trophies over 5 rounds of play is the winner!

Welcome to Fantasy Ranch!

Kick off your boots and pull up a chair for a game where all your dreams of owning a beautiful ranch with a stable full of horses can come true. Take real-life ranching to the tabletop as you choose from a wide variety of actual horses, hire highly-skilled hands, and expand your property by laying claim to some of the most beautiful land in the west.

With 3 levels of difficulty, Fantasy Ranch is a great game whether you’re a greenhorn or grizzled. So saddle up your dream horse, compete in the most thrilling competitions, and use your winnings to build yourself the perfect Fantasy Ranch!

The Trail Ride

Here at the Ranch, we know just how hard it can be to corral all of those younger buckaroos so we’ve included The Trail Ride where kids can either set out on their own or you can play with them. This game lets kids become the trail boss by making choices to compete in shows, raise foals, and buy and trade horses. With 3 skill levels, The Trail Ride can be played with children as young as 5 years of age. It’s a game that grows with your kid!

Download rules (German)
Download Junior rules (German)

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 60 min
Age “Fantasy Ranch”: 12+
Age “The Trail Ride”: 5+


  • 12 Player Mats
  • 1 Game Board
  • 6 Ranch Tiles
  • 12 Dice
  • 57 Horse Meeples
  • 57 Horse Cards
  • 35 Twist of Fate Cards
  • 16 Show Cards
  • 60 Goods Tokens
  • 29 Location Tokens
  • 6 Employee Tokens
  • 30 Ownership Tokens
  • 24 Upgrade Tokens
  • 2 Rule Books

Major Fun

Name another game that can accommodate players from ages 5 through adult, giving each player along this spectrum an opportunity for a fun and challenging experience. You can tailor the game you want to play based on the players you have at the table on any given day or night. This is a rare and noteworthy achievement, and just one among many reasons you will rustle up a herd of Major Fun each time you play.

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