Beer Boom

Thomas Spitzer

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Beer Boom will release on 3.10.2024

The Beer Pioneers Expansion including solo game components

The difficult early years are behind us. Beer production is booming, and we are on our way to the golden years. With our own House brand and further specialization, we are trying to differentiate ourselves from the competitors. Emerging by-products such as beer waste need to be managed, and we are tapping into new markets via the railroad. Some small changes can offer some new decision-making opportunities.

This set contains 5 expansion modules that can be played individually or in any combination with the base game – however, we recommend not using more than 2 modules at the same time.

Additionally, now you can enjoy Beer Pioneers as a new challenge in solo play. The rules and the necessary components for solo play are also included.

Note: You need the base game Beer Pioneers in order to play with this expansion set.

Download rules (english)

Players: 1-4
Playing time: 90+ min
Age: 12+


  • 13 General action cards
  • 16 Action cards for the module „Brewing waste“
  • 5 German replacement action cards
  • 2 Setup cards
  • 3 Action tiles
  • 4 Extension tiles “Brewing Tower”
  • 4 Extension tiles “Advertising Department”
  • 6 Coop tiles
  • 4 Coop tiles “Hausmarke” (House brand)
  • 6 Export tiles
  • 6 Litfaß tiles
  • 1 Lightbulb tile
  • 4 Small cellar tiles
  • 28 Double-sided draff markers
  • 1 Objective card “4 identical beer tiles”
  • 1 End of the game tile
  • 16 Automa cards
  • 6 Solo setup cards
  • 1 Rulebook

Wooden pieces:

  • 6 Brewing dials
  • 6 Green special brewing dials
  • 8 Wooden export discs (2 for each player)
  • 4 Railroad tokens (locomotives) (1 for each player)