NEW: Bier Pioniere

Mach deine Hausbrauerei zur Großbrauerei! Bier trinken ist einfach, aber es zu brauen, zu vertreiben und dabei besser zu sein als die Konkurrenz, ist eine völlig andere Sache …

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Kohle & Kolonie

Kohle & Kolonie takes you to the southern Ruhr area at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Will you win the bid for the most attractive large mine?

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Fantasy Ranch

Kick off your boots and pull up a chair for a game where all your dreams of owning a beautiful ranch with a stable full of horses can come true.

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Review: FANTASY RANCH bei Major Fun

Name another game that can accommodate players from ages 5 through adult, giving each player along this spectrum an opportunity for a fun and challenging experience. You can tailor the game you want to play based on the players you have at the table on any given day or night. This is a rare and noteworthy achievement, and just one among many reasons you will rustle up a herd of Major Fun each time you play.

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